Peter Wright

Peter Wright is the owner of a skills training company called :-
Engineering Training Solutions Ltd

Engineering Training Solutions1

He is genuinely determined to deliver quality skills training to Maintenance Engineers and at the same time keep the costs down to make Skills Training truly accessible.

A Maintenance Manager by vocation, he knows very well the training and skills profiles engineers should ideally have to ensure their effectiveness in maintaining modern (and not so modern) automated manufacturing plant.

As Maintenance Manager with a well known Housewares manufacturer in Burnley, Peter left to work as a Lecturer in a Technical College before the Housewares company relocated to China.

Peter now writes and delivers training courses for Maintenance Engineers. All of his short courses are written from the standpoint of a Maintenance Manager and so are carefully matched to the engineering requirements of the workplace and therefore key to the management of departmental skills profiles.

Most recently, a division of Engineering Training Solutions Ltd has been created. This company will provide Open Learning Short Courses for Maintenance Engineers from a completely online platform.




Online Skills Training for Maintenance Engineers



Peter Wright IEng  MIPlantE  MSOE  CertEd

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